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About Thesis

Download Handbook :

●Upload steps:

1. Sign up here :
 Your account should be your NUK mail address (e.g.

2. Register an account here :

 How to upload your thesis?

●Upload your thesis:

1. Transform your thesis into PDF file.

 Download sample :

2. The very first page should be Cover WITHOUT watermark,and the rest of the pages should go with watermark (NUK logo)

 Download watermark :

3. The Second page should be Approval for Final Examination/Defense of Master's Thesis

4. After upload, wait for 3-5 days to be examined and you can print the authorized letter.

***** When you get your authorized letter, you need to print hard copy *****

●Hard copy submission:

1. NO watermark is needed.

2. First page: Cover

3. Second page: Thesis Authorized letter.

4. Third page: Approval for Final Examination/Defense of Master's Thesis

5. Submit 4 hard copy, 1 Hardcover copy (Black) and 2 normal (White) copy of Library and 1 Hardcover (Black) copy for IMBA.

***** You can borrow a thesis inside our study room *****