Activities tidbits

Food Festival 2019 (Nov 27th).

Many activities were conducted this year. Besides the joys of trying many kind of foods and enjoying the performances from students who come from many different countries, students could also have a chance to show their talent in cooking. We had Thailand team to join the competition this time. It was fun and memorable! Many thanks to 高大僑聯會 for organizing this event!

‘My takeaways from Israel' seminar 2019

Many thanks to Mr. Stephen Ho, Senior Consultant, DBS bank (Taiwan) Ltd, Ex-CEO, DBS Asia Capital, for coming and sharing with IMBA students on‘My takeaways from Israel’ topic. Here, we have a good overview of Israel, Israel’s economics and Israel’s Education. Furthermore, we understand that there are many recipes that help Israel to stay competitive in the world such as Education and Universities, Government Support, the Defense Industry, … and especially the Value of Failure.

The 2nd Social Business East Asia Business Conference 2019

On Nov 19th, all IMBA students had an opportunity to attend The 2nd Social Business East Asia Business Conference in Taipei. By then, we got a keynote, and meaningful speech on “Making Money is Happiness; Making Other People Happy is Supper Happiness” from Professor Mohamad Yunus, Nobel Peace Laureate, 2006.

The Economic Development of Bangladesh 2019

We had the honor to welcome Mr. Anowar Hossain Khandoker to our IMBA on last Wednesday, Oct 30th. Mr. Khandoker gave us a wonderful speech

“Showcase Muay Thai” event 2019

Thank you Thailand Trade and Economic Office for organizing and inviting us to “Showcase Muay Thai” event. “Showcase Muay Thai” took place in Chiayi city on 19 October. By attending the event, IMBA students had a good observation of Thai’s culture, especially the Muay Thai or Thai Boxing.

Moon Festival 2019, Mid autumn Festival

Moon Festival which is also known as the Mid- Autumn Festival is a wonderful day of family celebration. In Taiwan, the Chinese Moon Festival means mostly one thing – BBQ-ing with friends and family! All right, not just BBQ… Moon cakes and pomelo are also popular.

Welcome Lunch (September 11, 2019)

Very welcome to all new students to IMBA – NUK and our current students back for the Fall Semester of Academic year 2019 - 2020! We are so glad that professors and all IMBA students came to join our welcome lunch last week. This semester, we welcome students from Taiwan and many countries like Colombia, Turkey, Thailand, and Vietnam... We also had a meeting to introduce and show them around NUK. Thank you Professor Shao-Hsun Keng – Dean of College Management, Professor Joshua YK Yang – Director of IMBA, Professor Po Chi Lee and Professor Pei-Chi Huang for the welcome speeches. Thank you all students for your participation. Your attendances made a cordial and harmonious atmosphere. Explore and enjoy your life in Imba Nuk!

Chinese Class Spring Semester 2019

Good news that our Chinese Class started yesterday. One of the biggest advantages to study in IMBA is students have a chance to attend free Chinese class for one year. They already master in English, and now hope that they will communicate fluently in Chinese soon. Many thanks to Graduate Institute of Teaching Chinese as a Second/Foreign Language, National Kaohsiung Normal University for helping us organize this course.

Taichung and Nantou Trip (April 3 & 4, 2019)

IMBA students had the most remarkable tour to Taichung and Nantou this spring break. Not only everything was perfect, but also we felt that our school staffs and friends did their best to make this trip memorable. Students were pleasantly surprised by the diversity of the trip: from the Flower Expo, Houfeng Bikeway to Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village Map. Every activity offered new experiences. Our students did enjoy their time and participate enthusiastically in all activities. This definitely has become one of the most eye-opening and stunning journey. Special thanks to OIA for such an organized and wonderful trip, as well as your true care for us. Can't wait for the next trip in near future.

International Academic Exchange Meeting (December 13, 2017)

Seminar Formosa Social Innovation Development Center (April 11, 2018)

Seminar Geneferm Company Visit Trip (December 13, 2017)

Seminar Graduation and Entrepreneurship (April 18, 2018)

Chinese Class Fall semester 2018

NUK IMBA collaborated with Kaohsiung Normal University to provide our students with good quality and free Chinese classes. Come and join the programme, you can learn two languages at the same time.

Academic Exchange trip to Thailand (December 4-7, 2017)

Company Visit Trip to Suzuka Circuit Park (December 27th, 2018)